Now that most of our meetings will be virtual, and we are in a unique time of unknowns, I wanted to share a few practices my clients around the world are putting in place.  This list is by no means exhaustive so if you have additional ideas or see something missing please respond and share.
Are you wondering what contingency planning exercises you can be doing? 
Wonder no more, here are some ideas:
  1. Conduct, “What if…” scenario planning immediately.  This may include scenario analysis related to cash runway, fundraising, workforce planning, etc.
  2. Capital preservation. Look at accounts payable and see what you can pay later, where can you reduce expenses, pause perks, delay projects, halt hiring, etc.
  3. Ask each business unit and region to identify critical roles.  Begin any possible knowledge or skill transfer immediately in case a critical role falls ill.
  4. Have a plan B and a Plan C and know what criteria need to be met to go into plan B or Plan C. 
  5. Clearly define all roles and responsibilities.  There will be no time for overlap or debates.
  6. Add new internal or external roles to the team to focus on specific areas as needed.  (e.g. Health Advisor, Wellness Coaches, Translators, other subject matter experts)
  7. Craft your communications and dissemination plan for all scenarios so that you are ready.
NOTE: This may all sound obvious. The question is whether or not you are really doing it and how you go about communicating the plans to your employees, contractors, freelancers, artists, etc.
Are you wondering how to keep your teams motivated, productive and engaged?
Wonder no more, here are some ideas:
  1. Review this checklist to maximize your virtual meetings
  2. Over communicate – lead a daily ‘stand up’ with your team
  3. Arrange one to one check-ins with each person on the team 
  4. Establish and agree to a team charter and new set of guiding principles
  5. Make sure people have the right access to accounts and login information 
  6. Clarify business hours and ways to reach one another in an emergency
  7. Understand that not everyone is set up to work from home, unique solutions are needed
  8. Know that everyone responds to situations differently. Review your Emergenetics profile and the profiles of your team members. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more
  9. Have a virtual lunch/dinner/breakfast with your team depending on time zone
  10. Ask your team to watch, listen, view something and discuss on your next team call. Go HERE and explore the box called ‘Be Inspired’ for ideas
  11. Send swag in the mail if possible, to motivate your staff and/or clients
  12. Review your goals for building skills and arrange a virtual team development session
  13. Update your salesforce data (sales specific)
  14. Hone your pitches (sale and marketing)
  15. Walk through your processes – what helps? What hinders? What needs a refresh?
  16. Celebrate success, big and small
  17. Organize a virtual ‘offer board’ 
  18. Stay on top of holidays around the world
Please contact me to arrange a zoom and chat through anything listed above in more detail. Remember, great companies are created in challenging times, it is what we do during these times that will make all the difference.