“Judy Goldberg. All I can say to a prospective client of hers is to “go for it”. Motivational and inspiring, Judy asks the right questions, sometimes the tough ones, prizing out what lies beneath with an efficacy second to none. With the type of work she does, anything other than bullseye will not cut it. She calibrates her thinking and style to the task at hand, at once tactical, but always big picture focused. She gave our team the springboard we were looking for and everyone, even the most initially cynical, were super impressed and pleased to have been involved in the experience. 5 Goldberg Stars.” – Sam, Executive, MSS International

“I wanted to say an enormous thank you for the Archetype session at Soho House yesterday. I loved all of it and ordered the deck last night! Your session made me realise I’ve been instinctively tapping into these forces and clearly I was meant to go a little deeper into the exploration. I had an absolutely incredible day yesterday, which is very usual for me because of how I live and who I am, but there was an extra energy in me after meeting you. I’m very grateful for this connection.” Gail Schock, G Love

“I really wanted to thank you for the networking workshop because you made me click. I have been very proactive in getting on board your suggestions. What inspired me the most was that you wanted us to make an action. And I did. I was a bit sceptical at the start, but when I built up my personal boardroom I felt confident. I took a shift in my career prospective and I will be never thankful enough to you for the workshop.” – Natascia, Senior delegate

“I must admit I’ve attended plenty of events like today and nothing was comparable! To start with, you’re such an incredible performer and character, leads us to immediately feel inspired. You’ve also give me most valuable message and take aways that I know ARE practical and achievable. That I very much value.” – LB, workshop delegate 

“Judy – you are my hero.  Not only have you inspired the masses with your amazing talk on ‘Presenting Yourself with Impact’ (the feedback was wonderful), but you are helping me think differently about how Scripps can broaden its thinking and help our teams be better.” – Jon Sichel, MD Scripps International

“I would like to thank you for spending the time with me yesterday and for your enthusiasm and encouragement.  You were very inspirational in such a short space of time, more than you can know. I left with my head buzzing full of half formed thoughts that I am still trying to capture.  If only every coffee chat could be like that.  Seriously, thank you!” – Senior Executive, Microsoft, Richard



Hi Judy, just wanted to show you my inbox after 2 months of the Getting Things Done course. The times of the super-crowded 500+ inbox emails are far gone!  This system is not only still working for me, but I also keep on finding new small things to make it more personal. So far nobody complained of anything I “missed out”, which is reassuring (although I have to admit I feared that for a while!) Thank you for bringing this in”.  –  Vice President, Media Company

“With all the information we now need to absorb, decipher and recall, GTD supports you to free your mind and get back in control. The step by step process allows you to recognise where you come unstuck with productivity and with the help of the comprehensive support tools (and of course Judy) you can easily implement what you have learnt during the workshop.” – Tim Brown, Learning and Development Manager, Reiss



“What a great event you guys put on last night. I had a fab time and once I got past my nerves being a panelist I had so much fun. Thanks Judy for your relaxed hosting-what a calming influence you are.” – Yvette Forrester, Panelist at Women Ahead mentoring event at the BT Tower

“I enjoyed your part in the panel discussion at the WICT event. You have a great energy and positive balanced outlook on matters. Hope our paths cross again and in the meantime best wishes.”  – Cormac Connelly, Director of Channel Development at Virgin Media London, United Kingdom 

“Very thought-provoking and still playing on my mind. I’m sure it will be all day too. Judy is a great speaker – I could have sat there for hours listening. Would love for her to come back again”. Sanjana Modha-Patel, Content Producer, Scripps Networks International.  Lessons on Leadership, Scripps Speaker Series, October 2014

“Going back to your talk – it was great. You were an inspiration, in terms of the simplicity of your message & slides.  And a breath of fresh air with your openness & enthusiasm to involve the audience with lots of questions to get us to relate & apply your message of ‘Buy it, Build it, Grow it or Kill it’.  We all hailed you as the BEST of the lot and we all felt that you made us challenge our own creativity and lack thereof in the workplace. In particular we discussed that you are a perfect example of how you need to be in a role that you love and then you can really shine and get the creative juices flowing…”  – Catherine Bergmann Smith, Absence Manager Ltd.  Buy it. Build it. Grow it. Kill it, November 2014, HR Inspired Conference