Explore our Wake Up and Wondershift Journal Jumpstarts! These informative, 2-minute videos offer context and examples for the exercises featured in the journal. Choose a video that interests you for helpful guidance.

Intro to Shape Section

I Am...I Strive to...

Questions to Uncover

Abundance Affirmations

Circles of Influence

Mess Ups & Mishaps

Increase & Decrease

Change Your Perspective

Mindful Body Language

Say & Convey

Attitude of Gratitude

Intro to Harmonize Section

Wheel of Feelings

Being in the Moment


Feed Your Brain

Harmony Mad Libs

Significant Moments

From No to Know to Yes

Activating Your Senses

Daily Sensory Practices

Stop - Start - Continue

Intro to Imagine Section

If, Then...

Design Your Day

Storyboard Your Dream

Alphabet of You

Doodle Day

Cabinet of Curiosities

One Topic 10 Questions

Cool Stuff

Conscious Collage

Awesome Observations

Intro to Focus Section

Brain Dump

Time to Breathe

The Curves in Your Life

The Time You Spend

Making Time vs. Having Time

Break 'em or Make 'em

10 Things 1% Better

Repeatable Checklists

Build - Buy - Grow - Bin

Intro to Team Section

The Roles I Play

Celebrate Your Ripple Effect

Offer & Seek

The Five People...

Accountability Partners