What We Do


The success of a strategic event takes thoughtful planning, and the defining of roles, crystal clear objectives, and deliverables.  Critical and innovative thinking is one piece of the puzzle; the other piece is to make sure the right people are in the room. 

Wondershift partners with you to:

  • Organize a 2-3 year strategic business planning session
  • Define and clarify your company mission, vision, and core values
  • Conduct an environmental scan as it relates to the future of your business
  • Develop comprehensive short-term and longer-term action plans

Whether a live or virtual setting, a well-designed agenda, program, or meeting takes a number of variables into account. We design with the brain in mind, begin with the end in mind, and consider the narrative, the audience, the mood, and the variety of thinking and behavior preferences.

Wondershift partners with you to:

  • Define your objectives and hoped outcomes
  • Craft a pre-survey to gain input from your team and attendees
  • Offer an array of exercises, activities, and discussion points to meet your objectives
  • Optimize a draft agenda to get you over the finish line
  • Prep you for success with recommendations on flow, transitions, timing, activities

The success of a leadership program, offsite or retreat is largely determined by what happens before it convenes, so thoughtful planning is a must. A partnership must be created, objectives and success measures developed, data collected, delegates determined, pre-work selected, and an agenda crafted. 

Wondershift partners with you to:

  • Design and facilitate a live or virtual leadership program, ‘offsite’, retreat or targeted learning event
  • Organize individual and/or team 360 reviews using KornFerry or via ‘live’ interviews
  • Facilitate a ‘new leader’ assimilation process

Make no mistake, if you are not growing your people, you are not growing your business. By creating room for powerful exchanges, conversations and challenges – you encourage leaders and teams to critically think about their role within a business.

Wondershift partners with you to:

  • Design and facilitate leadership and team events, retreats, and coaching circles
  • Deliver local, global, live, and virtual team experiences
  • Facilitate a ‘new team’ assimilation process
  • Lead a Meeting of the Minds using Emergenetics to create a stronger team environment

Individual Coaching

Using your Emergenetics profile as a baseline for deepening self awareness, individual coaching focuses on personal goals and areas of interest. Some clients find coaching especially useful when they are looking to:

  • Maximize the impact of a relationship with employees or colleagues
  • Shift into a more broad or global leadership role 
  • Create new systems to increase productivity
  • Stay connected to personal values and life purpose 
  • Deepen self-awareness and the impact of perception vs reality
  • Create strategies to obtain business goals 
  • Be challenged in new ways
  • Uncover patterns and blind spots that may impact decision making
  • Clarify a pathway forward that is inclusive and equitable
  • Reframe situations to see things from different perspectives

Coaching & Conversation Circles

Coaching and conversation circles create a platform to discuss topics of interest to members of the circle. These small and intimate circles serve as a vehicle to discuss your unique challenges, share ideas and solutions and allow you the space to talk openly and authentically about what is important to you.

HR Team Coaching

This coaching series is designed to introduce a suite of ideas, templates, tools, and techniques that can be applied to address any number of situations or scenarios a human resource professional may face.

By being witness to another person’s challenges, we gain insights into our own, especially when challenges have resonances with ours. Team Coaching benefits provide:

  • A safe place to ask questions, explore fears and discuss concerns
  • The opportunity to work through challenges they may not be able to work through on their own
  • The possibility to deepen relationships with other HR colleagues
  • The time to practice the art of asking open questions, a useful skill in all areas of work, including mentoring and coaching
  • The space to reflect and gain insight into what can be done differently

The goal of any event is to leave an audience with tangible and actionable nuggets that can make a difference when used day to day.  Wondershift is diligent about the preparation involved to ensure a valuable experience and time well spent for all involved.

Wondershift is available to play the role of:

  • Panel Moderator to create memorable debates and discussions
  • Keynote (topics focused on leadership, cognitive diversity, productivity)
  • Host to ensure you move smoothly through your agenda