The success of a strategic offsite or retreat is largely determined by what happens before it convenes, so thoughtful planning is a must. A partnership must be developed, objectives developed, data collected, delegates determined, pre-work selected, an agenda crafted. Critical and innovative thinking is one piece of the puzzle and will only happen if the right people are in the room to draw from different areas of a business.

Wondershift can partner with you to…  
  • Plan and facilitate company summits, offsites, retreats and strategy sessions
  • Develop comprehensive short term and longer-term action plans
  • Design and launch a Leadership Program
  • Lead a session to clarify mission, vision, and uncover core values
  • Organise a web enabled 360 Voices feedback process
  • Facilitate a New Leader Assimilation


Make no mistake, if you are not growing your people, you are not growing your business. By creating room for powerful exchanges, conversations and challenges – you are encouraging leaders and teams to critically think about their role within a team and business.

Wondershift can partner with you to…
  • Design and launch a leadership intensive
  • Design and launch a 3-4 month Leadership Experience
  • Facilitate a New Team Assimilation
  • Design and facilitate a unique and interactive global team meeting
  • Lead a Meeting of the Minds using Emergenetics to create a stronger team environment


The goal of any event is to leave an audience with tangible and actionable nuggets that can make a difference when used day to day.  Wondershift is diligent about the preparation and design to warrant time well spent for those who attend.

Wondershift is available as a… 
  • Keynote for a leadership retreat, company conference, or team event.
  • Host or MC for events and conferences
  • Panel Moderator for events and conferences


We live in a world where our brains are constantly required to maintain focus and achieve our goals each day.  Rid the noise and take control to reduce your stress and increase your energy.

Wondershift can deliver… 
  • A Getting Things Done GTD® workshop.
  • A ‘Clear the Clutter’ Session. An exercise in tough love to help you reshape the spaces you live in each day to bring you joy and increase your effectiveness in anything you take on.


A well-designed agenda increases a team’s ability to effectively and quickly set clear expectations for what needs to occur before, during, and after a meeting. It ensures team members understand their role, what to prepare, and are clear on the expected outcomes.  Wondershift will craft an agenda with you from scratch or review a draft agenda to save you time, provide recommendations on flow, transitions, and activities to meet objectives.

Wondershift will work with you to…
  • Define your objectives and hoped outcomes for your meeting or event
  • Select the right topics, exercises and activities to meet your objectives
  • Draft a detailed agenda using Wondershift’s agenda template
  • Speak to team members to confirm role, gain input and suggested agenda items
  • Prep you for success by walking through flow, timing and transitions
  • Provide third party facilitation at a meeting or retreat to ensure you meet your objectives


How often do we really take care of our mind, body and soul?  We live in one body with one brain and we all have the chance to do what lights us up.  Spend the time to at Wondershift retreat to define and get clear on your values, your goals and all that awaits you in life and work.

Wondershift invites you to join a…  
  • WAKE UP AND WONDERSHIFT RETREAT. What happens when you wake up to really live the life you desire? The simple answer is…you will be in flow.  You will be comfortable in your own skin, your soul will shine, and you will wake up loving what you do, despite the flops that will naturally come along.  To get here takes work! Come join a  holistic retreat that will invite you to dig deep, to uncover your core values, to rid the noise that is holding you back, to map out your intentions and set them to action. Register your interest here
  • BUSINESS PLANNING RETREAT. Are you self-employed and ready to take your business to the next level? This retreat is for you. You will be taken you through a 4-day intensive agenda to get clear on your goals and values, to define your commercial streams, to map your network, and more. We can guarantee forward movement, a ton of laughs, and an increased energy to propel your business and revenue. Register your interest here