What We Do


If you are not growing your people, you are not growing your business. By creating an open environment for powerful exchanges, meaningful conversations and working through challenges, teams can then think more critically and make more impactful decisions. 

Wondershift partners with you to:

  • Create a stronger and more open team environment 
  • Design and facilitate team days, retreats, offsites and other events to bring your team together
  • Deliver local, global, in person, and virtual team experiences
  • Facilitate a new team assimilation

The success of a strategic event takes thoughtful planning, and the defining of roles, crystal clear objectives, and deliverables.  Critical and innovative thinking is one piece of the puzzle; the other piece is to make sure the right people are in the room. 

Wondershift partners with you to:

  • Organize a 2-3 year strategic business planning session
  • Define and clarify your company mission, vision, and core values
  • Conduct an environmental scan as it relates to the future of your business
  • Develop comprehensive short-term and longer-term action plans

To create more decisive, confident and competent leaders, any offsite, retreat or leadership program must be well designed and also measured.  Thoughtful planning results in the right people, in the right space, at the right time, with the right agenda.

Wondershift partners with you to:

  • Design and facilitate a live or virtual leadership program, offsite, retreat or targeted learning event
  • Organize individual and/or team 360 reviews
  • Use Emergenetics as a tool to understand the dynamics of your leadership team 
  • Facilitate a new leader assimilation

A well-designed agenda for a meeting, offsite, or program needs to be clear, take a number of variables into account, and be well executed. We consider the end result, the narrative, the audience, the mood, and how to engage a varied audience.

Wondershift partners with you to:

  • Define your objectives and desired outcomes
  • Craft a pre-survey to gain input from your stakeholders and attendees
  • Offer an array of exercises, activities, and discussion points to meet your objectives
  • Optimize a draft agenda to get you over the finish line
  • Prep you for success with recommendations on flow, transitions, timing, and facilitator notes for activities

Individual Coaching

Using your Emergenetics profile as a baseline for deepening self awareness, individual coaching focuses on personal goals and areas of interest. Some clients find coaching especially useful when they are looking to:

  • Maximize the impact of a relationship with employees or colleagues
  • Shift into a more broad or global leadership role 
  • Implement new systems to increase productivity
  • Stay connected to personal values and life purpose 
  • Deepen self-awareness and the impact of perception vs reality
  • Create strategies to obtain business goals 
  • Uncover patterns and blind spots that may impact decision making
  • Appear more inclusive and equitable
  • Reframe situations to consider things from different perspectives

HR Team Coaching

This introduces new ideas, templates, tools, and techniques for the many scenarios human resource professionals face.

By being witness to another person’s challenges, we gain insights into our own, especially when challenges have resonances with ours. Team Coaching benefits provide:

Wondershift partners with you to:

  • Create a safe place to ask questions, explore fears and discuss concerns
  • Work through confidential business challenges with HR colleagues
  • Deepen relationships and trust within the HR team
  • Ask powerful coaching questions

To leave an audience with tangible and actionable nuggets that can make a difference Wondershift is available as a:

  • Panel Moderator – to create memorable and lively debates and discussions
  • Host – to move you smoothly and with energy through your agenda
  • Keynote – to speak on the following topics:
    • Wake Up And Wondershift: A Journey To Personal Transformation
    • Great Minds Do Not Think Alike
    • Light Up Your Leadership
    • Exploring Mindsets
    • The Faces of Change
    • Crossing the Line
    • Productivity Pep Talk
    • Countdown to Success
    • 5 Small Changes That Can Make A Big Impact On You And Your Life
    • It Happens To Many, But They Tell Me I’m Rare

Embrace the journey of self-discovery and transformation with the Wake Up and Wondershift Retreat.  

The next retreat will take place in 2025.  Please register your interest here. 

The Wondershift team is dedicated to empowering committed individuals by providing a unique opportunity for personal growth and exploration. Through guided exercises and immersive experiences, participants are encouraged to embrace new possibilities, find harmony within themselves, and team up with like-minded individuals to fuel the shift they desire in life.

Join us in 2025 for a journey of self-discovery, growth, and awakening. If you’re ready to do the work we welcome you!