Teams are generally skilled at identifying the need to shift, to move in new directions, to think in new ways, and to work more collaboratively.  The hard part is dissecting the key drivers that will help you determine where to start when a long list is in front of you.  Wondershift removes this headache by following a thorough diagnosis and analysis, asking the right questions, and gaining understanding about your company culture.  From here we can agree on objectives, hoped outcomes, and a way forward to achieve your goals.

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Before design and delivery, it is fundamental to ask the right questions, collect relevant data, experiences and insights, examine problems faced and opportunities missed. We then propose ideas, solutions, and next actions to maximize impact.

This process may involve interviews, surveys, questionnaires, psychometric profiling instruments, and other tools. We explore, probe, look for trends and patterns and dive into this part of the process until we are clear on the goals and expected results.

Understanding your business is key. We will ask your leaders the right questions, research your company and industry, review your annual report, look at recent press and your website. This allows us to sense check the design, culture fit, and ensure the right priorities are addressed.

Great design is critical to success.  By exploring the unique qualities of your people, bringing in current neuroscience research, and applying 20 years of leadership content, Wondershift’s designs will hit the mark, inspiring your people to be excited about what’s ahead.

Wondershift will deliver an experience that begins before people enter a room.  Lead up communications and pre-play exercises are part and parcel of a solid implementation.

We will take steps to check in with stakeholders and delegates, to collect feedback and be ready and willing to take action as and when necessary to shift, improve, or stop.

Determining what to evaluate is the starting point, not the end point. When it does come time to close we can examine and shed a 360 light on the initiatives and outcomes.  If needed there is a thorough evaluation for follow on work.

Wondershift will work with you to determine how best to embed new skills, activate paths to improvement, assess progress, drive accountability, and remove obstacles.